Wednesday, February 22, 2012

GLD, SLV, and SLW, where to next?

I am and have long these stocks for a while and two broke out today with silver coming close.  I will add and sell as my signals dictate, but the direction is most definitively higher, much higher.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

SPY watch

I warned a couple of weeks ago that danger is lurking on the SPY, and was surprised and amazed at the strength SPY continued to show.  Fortunately I was long energy and miners, and my SPY puts and SDS were stopped out, so still was profitable for me.  Since then, miners sold off, Metals sold off, and VIX roared to life, and a breach and failure of the upper trend-line occurred. I am now selling SPY with March Condors, and am long UVXY from last week.

I foresee a test of the lower line, a run to the highs again, then splat.  But will take it one trade at a time.  Right now my trading signal told me if long SPY sell it, but there is no sell signal given, hence the spreads.  I will post a sell or re-buy signal and the trade I will take once it occurs.  I will post it on Twitter, my handle is on the top right of this page.

What are you thinking?

Time to polish the Silver?

I know the market is topping, and I know the miners have lagged, but look at these charts.  There are some sweet setups in the works.  Because of where we are with the general market, I will play these as they swing higher (except for SLW), in which I have March 37's (calls) hedged with Weekly of the same.

PAAS 34.36, SVBL .55, SLW, stop at 34.21 or buy at 36.71 if you are cautious, and AG now if opens higher with a sell stop 19.12.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Volatility is awakening

Events and cycles are lining up for a good correction, and the VIX is telegraphing investors positioning themselves with this protection.  Wall Street can't make money without volatility, and the VIX is crushed.  UVXY seems like a great stock/derivative to play it.

Also related, the COMEX slashed margins on the future contracts on gold, silver, copper, etc.  The markets are dying.

FSLR swing trade

The Chinese are hungry

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting Energy

These five stocks hit my buy signal today and some look ready now, and some are almost there.  Comments are on the charts.  Also, two of my four energy shorts worked out nicely, two others (EXXI and NBR) never triggered and look good long, as well.  In fact the whole oil service space is looking constructive, BHI looks good, and I trade HAL a lot, and it is setting up for a buy again.  As all of these break out, there is clear air from a price and volume basis.

If you follow my Twitter posts, you saw that coal is breaking out, and I grabbed JRCC at the open, but you can pick others.  

Comments are appreciated, and let me know if I am helping your trades with these picks.