Sunday, June 22, 2014

Long Gold, Short Natural Gas

Nothing pithy to share this week.  The charts tell me to stay long GLD and SLW, and to stay short UNG.  I am also dabbling in some other trades, but those are my top three.  I am managing my risk in these by rolling up and down my strikes thus taking profits along the way, yet staying in the game, until my sell signal hits. The hardest thing for a trader is to get blown out of a trade that you made profit on and watch it continue in the direction of your trade.  This just happened to me with TNA last week as I just set a stop instead of just reducing size or rolling it.  Selling is still my hardest thing to do.  Enjoy the charts and click on them for larger size.  Also, if you wish to subscribe

The first graph are basic material stocks that hit my buy screen late Friday.  There are a few gems in there.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rocks, Paper, Scissors

The shift to hard assets continues.  The miners still look great, gold is awakening, coals is waking up, and so is Uranium.  even a derivative of hard assets, alt energy is getting bid.  I like it, if what I believe is taking place, we are going to see some fantastic moves higher, just to get these stocks bid back to their early spring sell off.   I just have some charts below.  I had to stop, there are probably 50 more like these.  Enjoy the week, the day if you are a father.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gold, Silver, Ags, and Miners

The miners still look great, and the fact that this market melt up did not sell them off could finally mean the great rotation in commodities is back.  I created a bunch of charts below that have high short interest, and good set ups on their charts.  There are some doubles here, and definitely with some option leverage.

I am personally speculating long with $SLW, $USU, $DUST puts, and a couple high volatility tech stocks, $TAN and $DDD.

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Trade-able reversal on the Miners

On Friday I started getting buy signals on the miners.  I personally shorted DUST through puts, and am watching to see if gold and silver give me the follow through on their late day buy signal.  I trade against a four hour chart so I don't know if it is anymore than a trade, but I'll take it.

I am short Natural Gas and oil through GASL puts and oil futures, and am long volatility because it is ridiculously low, and if I am wrong small loss, but if we wake up some morning or from a weekend and the big money left the party I am in great shape.  I will keep rolling and creating diagonal and calendar spreads until vol shows an uptrend, then go direction-ally long.

enjoy the charts, and I put up my watch-list as there are too many miners that hit my screen to post them all. Click to enlarge, and go to to subscribe to my real time trade signals.