Sunday, June 1, 2014

Trade-able reversal on the Miners

On Friday I started getting buy signals on the miners.  I personally shorted DUST through puts, and am watching to see if gold and silver give me the follow through on their late day buy signal.  I trade against a four hour chart so I don't know if it is anymore than a trade, but I'll take it.

I am short Natural Gas and oil through GASL puts and oil futures, and am long volatility because it is ridiculously low, and if I am wrong small loss, but if we wake up some morning or from a weekend and the big money left the party I am in great shape.  I will keep rolling and creating diagonal and calendar spreads until vol shows an uptrend, then go direction-ally long.

enjoy the charts, and I put up my watch-list as there are too many miners that hit my screen to post them all. Click to enlarge, and go to to subscribe to my real time trade signals.


  1. Natural gas trading range for the day is 266.8-277 as per the Commodity Silver Tips.

  2. Natural gas trading range for the day is 278
    Commodity Tips

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