Sunday, June 22, 2014

Long Gold, Short Natural Gas

Nothing pithy to share this week.  The charts tell me to stay long GLD and SLW, and to stay short UNG.  I am also dabbling in some other trades, but those are my top three.  I am managing my risk in these by rolling up and down my strikes thus taking profits along the way, yet staying in the game, until my sell signal hits. The hardest thing for a trader is to get blown out of a trade that you made profit on and watch it continue in the direction of your trade.  This just happened to me with TNA last week as I just set a stop instead of just reducing size or rolling it.  Selling is still my hardest thing to do.  Enjoy the charts and click on them for larger size.  Also, if you wish to subscribe

The first graph are basic material stocks that hit my buy screen late Friday.  There are a few gems in there.

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