Sunday, September 8, 2013

Syriana Screwtape(r) letters

What a mess.  Our Government and the Fed are now juggling dynamite. Syria and the taper news has this market on edge. Metals are holding up, utilities and bonds are bottoming, and the hot money is hiding out in oil.

Personally I'd be shocked if we tapered and we went to war with Syria. All downside and limited upside. That is not a bet politicians make.  If I am right we will  get our last hurrah with SPY, and all of the commodities move higher except for oil.  But I am a little ahead of myself.  At the moment my portfolio is pretty light with only oil servicing companies (BHI) and my core miners, (AG, PPP, SLW, and ANV).  I have a MNKD lottery position, as well.

For those who follow my NUGT calls, we are building that position back up.  For the next ten days I will dabble with some option trades if my prices are hit, and will be watching HOV and DRN for potential swing positions.  I will share those buys with my paid subscribers.

Also, if you are interested on Tuesday afternoon I am doing a free webinar to just talk charts, the macro environment, trading, or whatever is on your mind.  It is free, and these are usually pretty fun.

Enjoy some charts and have a great week.

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