Sunday, December 28, 2014

Back from my Break

I took some time from blogging this month as I needed a break and needed to close out my other businesses strong for the year.  Mission accomplished.  I own a solar energy company, and business is picking up nicely.  The price points and the ROI's are becoming compelling and more people are taking the plunge.

I consult for a internet marketing company, and their business is starting to explode.  Companies are spending money on marketing and they are seeing sales from it.  This company focuses on Southern California, but most new business as of late have been from around the country.  Interesting.

Finally, I work for a capital markets company, and the deal flow and client returns have been off the charts.  Investors are getting double digit returns, and the borrowers have compelling business cases and collateral, and are willing to pay those rates to access the capital.  If you are not making at least 8% on cash invested for less than a year, you seriously need to reach out to me.  The banks are stealing your savings and are lending dear.  You do not have to play that game.

I share this with you as I think I have a pretty diversified look at the economy, and most of my friends are business owners and are having very good years, as well.  My view is that 2015 will surprise to the upside, spectacularly.  Looking at all of the drama around the world will fool you.  The dollar is rising, and money / capital is pouring in.  This money will be put to work, and the stock, bond, and real estate markets will reap the benefits.  Specifically, I highlighted two bell weathers that are breaking out, and I feel will test their recent highs.  Enjoy. If you are interested in daily buy and sell signals.  Drop me a comment if you wish to discuss anything else.


  1. I'm assuming since you're constructive on the markets in general at least here in the US you're shying away from gold and silver stocks?