Thursday, October 21, 2010

Follow the yellow brick road

Just as Dorothy and her companions started their journey to find OZ, I am starting this blog to educate everyone on the value of owning hard assets.  A seismic shift is coming to our world, it is the end of fiat money and the supremecy of financial assets.  Fiat money is based solely on the Governements desire and ability honor its debts. However over the past one hundred years the value of our currency has eroded over 97%, I hardly call this honorable.  But now we are at a stage where the financial alchemy is starting to have some deleterious effects on our economy and our standard of living.  Those entities that have invested in the financial asset method of running our economy have run the debt up so high, they are left with one choice, monetize. Owning hard assets give you a fighting chance to reserve and grow your wealth.

My focus for this blog will be first to educate on what I consider hard assets and as one of my passions is the stock market and trading/investing, I will introduce you to companies and stocks I follow and the trades I am making. 

As you can imagine I think gold is the king and is the once and future money, however there are many categories of assets I will pontificate on.  These include;
  • Silver
  • Platinum and Palladium
  • The rare earth metals
  • Uranium
  • Grain markets
  • Oil and gas
  • water
I have investments in all of these categories of real assets, and in my view, the run in these assets have just begun.  All of these assets offer their own unique advantages and have cycles that do not necessarily overlap or are affected by the same correlations to currency and/or economic growth.

Please join me on this quest and let's pull away that curtain.

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