Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Moly Crunch

In five business days, the insiders for MolyCorp are allowed to sell their shares to the public, and having a company with no near term earnings prospects, a pricing model controlled by your competitors, selling for over 6 times book value, and a stock that is 300% of the IPO price, if you were an insider hedge fund, or executive, would you sell?

Now that the fever has broken on this stock, I am expecting at least a move back to the bottom of the channel.  I am short via Feb 55 puts, and I am also short REE Feb 16 puts.  I acquired and completed my purchases last week.  Why REE?  Well when folks start bailing out of MolyCorp, they are going to bail out of the ETF for Rare Earths, and REE will fall in simpatico.

Enjoy, and join me on the wild side  :-)


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