Sunday, March 18, 2012

Buy Candidates for the Week ahead

All of these stocks have hit my buy signal on Friday and in the case of UCO, expecting it by Monday/Tuesday.  The food and Oil Services names I have pointed out in the immediate prior posts are performing as expected.

My buy signals since Christmas (when I started the service) on all reported (64)trades (buy and sell in real time to my clients) are up 93%, and in the trade an average of 7 calendar days. Detail spreadsheet available per request.  If interested in joining, you can click on the button to the right.  Have a great week.


  1. Nice charts on your FOOD and AG set ups BOB!

    You have been posting some nice "LONG" set ups in ENERGY and other leading sectors, your system looks to be firing on all cylinders! Congrats!

    I found some tempting long set ups too, that I wanted to share here with your group :]

    FOR FOODS and Ag

    Check out ticker 'DOLE' !

    I had for set ups also POT, MOS, and ...IPI, CZZ (ready soon), RNF ( sweet run and double bottom cup/handle).

    AGU...looks to be breaking out right here and NOW!

    Many good set ups in [b]FOODS[/b] and [b]AG[/b]

  2. Nice charts and thanks for posting. I hope you don't mind me asking but, are you still long? What is your strategy and (approximately) where are your stops and exits?


    1. Bob

      Like JF, was wondering what timeline you have on these shares ? , in the short term they are down or flatlining ..

      Again , Thanks for the commentary , I appreciate it

  3. i don't think we are going to get an answer

    1. JF and Ed, I never saw your e-mails come to me, sorry for the delay in answering you.. All of these are still longs, and in the future if I post a chart I will put my buy and sell stops.

  4. Bob

    No problems, and thanks for the reply.

    Keep the party goin, and all the best

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