Sunday, May 13, 2012

My thoughts for the Week ahead

All my comments are embedded in the charts, enjoy.  Feedback is appreciated.


  1. Hello BLH,
    Thank you for your hard work! Couple questions:
    1) You show that oil could have farther to retrace, wouldn't that retracement affect your XCO outlook?
    2) I am not overly familiar with the Blees rating. I understand its concept. From your expertice, does it concern you that there are many of your red arrows in such a short time frame after relatively few the past few years?

    1. Thanks, oil and natural gas are two different animals in my view. XCO is mostly NG. The Blees rating is a indicator that shows how bullish the dominant players are. They move the market, and at 90 to 100 it is usually a safe bet to go long. Wait for a higher high first though, this market is nuts right now.