Saturday, May 19, 2012

My thoughts for the week ahead

Last weeks post and guidance kept me pretty safe considering the bloodbath in the general market. I actually followed my own advice.  GLD and USO performed as expected and GDX, SLV, and SLW all reversed and I have updated my buy points below.  Oil is still dangerous, but Natural gas will be a good longer term holding.

You may know that I started a subscription service based on my trading signals, and as we have worked the administrative and execution bugs out of delivering this service and in doing so we have made some changes in process and in naming.

I am going to focus this blog as a weekend wrap-up look ahead with the major category ETF's of the stocks I focus on.  During the week I push out a free email on my thoughts on the action, some stock ideas, and general comments.  I also put out intraday comments via Twitter and an occasional complementary buy alert (so you can judge the value of my service) If you want that email and Twitter feed click on the Twitter button top right and it will tell you how to sign up.

I also have automated the feed from my charting software to Twitter that allows me to watch the market action and let my trading signals hit and get pushed out to you immediately.  This is available to my paying clients.

Finally, most people know me as BobLovesHawaii/BobLovesTrading, but as the service grows beyond people who know me, we decided to change the service name to Realtimetrading signals.  This more accurately reflects what I am trying to do.

Below are my thoughts for the week, and if you want my thoughts on my best stock picks for the week, please sign up for the Twitter feed and I will push out the email Sunday night.

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  1. Thanks for the charts Bob. Some nice opportunities emerging!