Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Boring, upcoming week ahead

Greece, Egypt, Fed, and now Saudi Arabia in the news.  We are dancing around a lot of geopolitical issues. Don't forget France on Saturday.  These news events are important, but it appears that Fed and ECB liquidity is all that matters.

gold and silver will take their cues from the Fed, the miners may need a pause here, oil is Sybil, not knowing where to go, and commodities are getting a bid.

I am positioned for more liquidity, and will enter more energy positions as they continue to break out.  My trades active this week are doing well, and I trimmed size and moved up stops to ensure profitability.  See below.  I posted a lot of charts with comments attached, enjoy, and comments are appreciated.


  1. Nice charts BOB-

    Appreciate what you see in Energy and I see a lot of 'set-ups' in other areas too. I couldnt believe how some of the SOLARS looked (SOL, HSOL, LDK, YGE, ETC)Friday.

    Thanks as usual for posting what you are looking at-best wishes Next week !!


  2. Thanks Bob, still trying to catch you on trades with RTTS, but am NOT receiving all the tweets as expected....?

    Alex, where have you been hiding out?