Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

What a crazy week.  GLD was crushed, but it looks like the handle is now complete.  My only worry is there is still a gap below us to fill at 157.52.  I am setting a conditional option call buy for 160 calls for Jan if that is hit next week, if not, I will buy Jan 163 calls above 161.25.

SLV was crushed and I will play silver through SLW, SIL, AG, and CDE in 2013.  I already own AG and CDE, and am waiting buy signals on the other two.

NUGT broke below the falling wedge as I feared it might, and I have a speculative buy signal on it on Friday.  I did not take it, but may reconsider with a stop on that days low.  I am reading that first year of a new presidential cycle sees miners gain 23%, after a 18% average fall the prior year.

A market trend, indeed a business trend that is fascinating, and I think it will continue to explode is in the area of 3-D printing.

DDD is the gold standard, and even though they have run up a lot already, this market is in its infancy.  I am a buyer on all weakness, and will aim to build a core position in this in 2013.  DDD makes the actual printers and they hold the bulk of the patents.  ADBE on the other hand makes the interface and drawing software and they just completed a multi-year IHS that looks like there is a $12 move in its future.  I will build a core position in this stock, as well.  For those that get my buy signals service, Ill be trading in and out, but will be sitting on a core.

Enjoy the holiday week.

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