Sunday, December 16, 2012

This week-more of the same?

Well, we are still stuck in ranges in SPY, gold, silver and miners.  All of my signals are neutral except for the miners, they look ready to move higher.  I expect a higher market into the new year, and the dollar and miners may be foreshadowing some of that.

It is clear the Republicans lost the tax the rich debate, and are about to lose the spend less debate, as well.  You would think that if the Republicans are the party of the rich, they would buy candidates that can defend their positions much better than they do.  Resolution or capitulation should give the market some holiday relief

As a side note, as a dad of a elementary school child, the shootings in CT has impacted me profoundly.  I cannot even imagine the horror those families are going through.  Is it me, or is our world getting progressively sicker, corrupt, and cold hearted?

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