Sunday, January 12, 2014

Climbing the Golden Staircase

There is a lot of talk that gold is going to $800, but it sure hit a floor at $1200.  Now we are seeing some higher highs and higher lows.  Time to buy the dips on metals and miners.  The liquidity taps will remain on full throttle throughout 2014, regardless of all of the happy talk coming out of the media.

Energy has taken a hit in early 2014, but energy drillers/servicers are waking up.  Also natural gas will have another nice move higher as cold weather sets in again this winter.

Tech is looking toppy, but most of the names I follow/trade seem to be breaking out.  They have strong macro themes (LED, 3-D and additive manufacturing) that will ignore the general economic path.  In fact, these industries will be the transforming industries to drive our next round of secular growth.  One additional area where I need to spend more time is in the robotic space, as that onslaught is now upon us.

My subscriber real time portfolio is off to a great start (see below) and I will be tweaking it for the next week (getting a bit more bearish).  For $20/month, you can receive these signals generated real time.  Sign up at  I trade in four market spaces; long / short.  I am continuously adjusting size so you only see detail on current holdings.  Prior closed trades our summarized.   Closed trade details are available upon request for serious inquiries.  Where you see a stock name and no position means not yet in it for 2014, or already completed my holdings for now (capital management).

Also, on Thursday at 2pm Pacific Time, I am going to hold a free webinar on the year ahead, how my signals work, and what I expect.  Please join us. Contact us at

I hope you have a great week.

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  1. Got your mkt stop losses in place? Putin is on the move...