Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy NewYear

Happy 2014 everyone.  My themes for the new year is focus, portfolio approach, velocity and commodities. As I look back over 2013, the trading mistakes I made were two fold.  I set my stops too tight, and I was a little stubborn long miners.  I also still follow too many stocks.  So going into 2014, and actually prepping for it the last two weeks in 2013 I adopted a portfolio approach to my positions and signal service. This will complement my strengths, picking the right trading themes and good buy points.

How it works, is I adopted four themes to take long into 2014, and will hold either a full or half position nearly at all times in my longs, but will add a short hedge, usually a leveraged ETF that I will hold in a zero, half or full position depending on my signals.  My signals will work against the daily price action.  I have a margin account so I will occasionally go to 150%, and will work off of a $100,000 portfolio.  You can manage your position size accordingly.

My themes are:

  • Volatility                (XIV long, SPXU as short)
  • Energy                   (HAL, OIH, TAN, UNG long, GASX as short)
  • Precious Metals     (SLW, SAND, SWC, AG long, DUST as short)
  • Select Tech            (ADBE, ADSK, DDD, CREE as long, IWM as short)

My goal for 2014 is to produce a 40% positive return through this portfolio ($40,000 in profits) with a much reduced level of volatility.  I will post the spreadsheet results weekly, and for my Focus Subscribers they will get the trade signals real time.

In my aggressive account, I am going to trade NUGT, DUST, GLD, UVXY, AGQ puts and calls on my 4 hour signal.  These will be two to three day trades in most cases looking to capture at least a double on each shot.  I will post these only for my Trader Level clients, in real time.

For my volatility level clients, I will post my XIV long, and SPXU short pair trade, and all UVXY put signals.

You can check out for my information and my services.

It's going to be a great year.

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