Sunday, March 9, 2014

We are Distributing

My signals for SPY are at max bullishness, which precedes a market correction, and I have been getting more bearish.  I closed my XIV and DUST trade, and bought DGP and SWC, and added to AG.  The metals and miners are not falling while RSI is consolidating, and that is bullish in my view, and XIV is unable to break back into the upper part of its channel and has made a lower high. Geopolitics are heating up, as well.

It is good be cautious. Below, I also recommend buying puts on DDD if it breaks below Friday's low.  I see low to mid 50's in its future.  I will close the last of my DDD long position on that break, as well.

Our portfolio is still performing well, at over 65% annualized, and  am introducing my volatility portfolio for non day traders.  I have been running the portfolio since December of 2012, and the performance has been very good (114%). I am waiting to trade it through a market down cycle before offering it as a subscription (hopefully by July).  I will post results each week, and when it gets a little closer I will offer the trades for free for a few months so you can see the value for yourself.

Enjoy the charts results. Click on charts to enlarge them.

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