Friday, November 19, 2010

An American Junior in MY Crosshair

Crosshairs exploration intrigues me due to their mix of mineral assets; Uranium, Vanadium, and Gold.  Their focus is on clean energy minerals/metals.  Uranium was obvious to me, but Vanadium as a battery alternative to lithium surprised me.

This caught my interest as lithium reserves are primarily located in Chile an Bolivia, and battery heat and lifespan are of great concern.

I also like the fact that their assets are located in the U.S. (Wyoming) and Canada (New Foundland), and their claims are located in proven zones for their respective metals. They just received some financing to bring these uranium mines to production, and their drill results in Canada show increasing reserves.  They also hold gold reserves, which they are willing to spin out/sell, which would provide additonal sources of cash, without dilution.

Bottomline, this company sits in the sweet spot for speculators, as they move from exploration to miner, that is when the valuation of these companies really start to move significantly higher.  I have buy orders on CXZ at $.30 or at new highs.

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