Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FSLR Shorting soon, Long Term buy Q2 2011

One of the Solar stocks that will survive and thrive long term is First Solar (FSLR), the other two are Trina Solar and Sun Power (I will discuss these later). First Solar is the cost leader and they have the most experience with large scale solar projects, I do not see that changing. 

However, there are some significant headwinds for the next six months that I believe will negatively affect its stock price.  I intend to short FSLR at the completion of each of its rips.  My cues are overbought RSI and / or failure at the 50EMA and the top of the upper trendline.

Once this triangle resolves either way, I will be a buyer longer term. 


  1. Not to be picky, but can you show that with more timeframe to the left to see other touch point on the 2nd lowest trendline, and the significance of the upper trendline. Of course, I understand lack of time also.

    Is there a cheap PV panel that would would "trust" enough to use in a project?

  2. I drew it from the five year weekly, and I am using Phono panels for low cost projects. I am getting a great deal. I'll private e-mail you the chart and my prices.

  3. FSLR five year