Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cheniere is Looking Interesting

Cheniere, is a Liquified Natural Gas terminal operator.  On November 11th, they announced a bi-directional processing facility for LNG.  This is a big deal, just three years ago, we were going into a Natural Gas deficit and we will need to import LNG.  We now know we are awash in Natural gas and coal based methane.  There is increasing interest in exporting this commodity, and this facility enables Cheniere to do just that.  Note where this gas is going

"We are excited to participate in supplying natural gas to China and we believe that ENN is a successful model for developing diverse solutions toserve its fast growing energy markets," said Charif Souki, Chairman and CEO of Cheniere Partners. "ENN Energy Trading is an ideal customer that is expanding its natural gas distribution network and seeking new sources of natural gas supply in order to increase its customer connections and increase its sales volumes. We look forward to working with ENN Energy Trading and proceeding with definitive agreements."

The chart is very intriguing, this is its third run at the top, and it quickly recovered from its retracement from the last top forming a nice cup.  If I understand my Technicals, triple tops break out.  I will by a small position on the breakout, and if it retraces below, will complete my buying on the break of the handle.

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