Friday, December 17, 2010

Tournigan - Ideas from a Poster

Last night a poster has been following a stock called Tournigan Energy (TVCFF) and asked my opinion.  I had not followed them but a very good friend who trades the juniors very well shot me some of his thoughts, and was cool with me posting them.

"Their flagship project is in Slovakia.  They have an NI-43101 proven reserve of 38 million lbs. U308 at a very high grade...higher than most every one of their peers.  Slovakia is very pro-nuclear, being the 3rd highest user of nuclear energy in the world on a per capita basis.  They also have huge popular support (over 80%) in favor of nuclear energy.  They won't be producing any time soon, but if all goes well maybe they will be ready to start the permitting process next year or the following year.  But there is no doubt they are undervalued compared to their peers.  The price of their U308 in the ground is .55 Canadian cents/lb., which is dirt cheap compared to other junior explorers who have NI-43101 proven resources this big.  Tournigan also is doing more drilling and will certainly add to their resource base (last time they drilled they added over 5 million lbs.).  Also, these guys were $4.50 back in June of '07 when uranium was all the rage.  It's definitely one worth considering...especially at .27 cents!  That's pretty ridiculous. "
A break above the 20 EMA would interest me to take a position.
One of the reasons I started to blog was to share and to learn and I appreciate the heads up on this stock and for my friends insight.

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